BCF Vs Staple Fiber

BCF Vs Staple Fiber for Carpets

There are two main types of raw material choices to manufacture Carpet & Area rugs.

  1. Staple fibre
  2. BCF Yarn

Staple fiber can be natural or synthetic and are having shorter lengths as they are only few inches long. They are twisted and drawn together to form long strands. Wool is a natural fiber where as Polytrimethylene terephthalate  (PTT), Polypropylene (PP) & Nylon (NY) can be made either Stapled or BCF where as BCF Yarn stands for Bulk Continuous Filament yarn which is a long continuous strand of filament produced through specialized extrusion process using polymers like PET, PP, PBT and Nylon.

Overall, carpet produced from BCF yarn has higher luster than the carpets produced from stapled fiber. Since BCF has low density thus produced low weight carpets. Its amplified light reflection makes the product appear bulkier whereas carpets produced from staple fiber has matt or dull finish similar to wool.

Nylon (NY PA6)
Carpet produced from Nylon Fiber or Nylon BCF Yarn are very soft & long lasting. They are known for resistance to Stains, Abrasion, Infestation, Water/Mildews and are easy to dye and hold the color very well. It is economically moderate as compared to wool but having low resistance to fire & static retention. They are popular carpet making meant for high traffic areas in residential and commercial application mainly in corridors and staircases.

Polyester (PET)
Carpets made from Polyester fiber & BCF yarn are soft too and has capability to hold vibrant and fade resistant colors. They are moth proof and having high resistance to Water/mile dews but prone to oil stains and crimp loss (flattening underweight). It has moderate fire resistance.  Its soft and luxurious appearance makes it popular for application area which has normal traffic. The BCF yarn can also be produced by recycled polymer making it eco-friendly.

Polypropylene (PP)
Carpets produced from PP provides excellent resistance to stain, infestation, moisture & mildews. PP carpets are very popular in commercial and residential application as it is soft same as nylon or synthetic wool. Its prone to soiling and holding onto oil which attracts dirt though not very difficult to clean. They are usually use to manufacture Loop piles or very thick cut piles.

Wool is natural fibre known for luxury, softness & increase life span. It’s an expensive choice in carpet making especially when it is made with 100% wool. Carpets combined with wool & acrylic are also widely used where customer are looking for cost economical variants. Pure wool carpets are excellent choice for customers prone to allergies and sensitiveness to chemicals. Woollen carpets are generally avoided at areas which have high humidity and moisture inorder to prevent growth of mildews.


Acrylic carpets is a budgetary option for customers looking for appearance and bit of feel of woollen carpets. It has good resistance to moisture, mildew, staining & static retention. Its not very good on durability and tend to wear down in high traffic areas.

Basic qualities of the BCF Carpet yarn as raw resource for machine made carpets  

Since the BCF yarn is one long continuous strand of filament plied together which do not allow the loose filaments to shed during tufting and weaving process thus making it right choice of feed stock for machine made carpet manufacturers.

  1. The BCF yarn provides option of thick and thin yarn in wide range of Decitex.
  2. BCF yarn has low density thus product weight is less and cost economics is being met.
  3. Since it has higher luster properties the increased light reflection helps to appear the product bulkier.
  4. BCF yarn maximises friction between the piles thus enhances toughness of yarn and product.
  5. The heat setting of BCF yarn eliminates undesirable torqueing in further process of Frieze & carpet making process.
  6. BCF yarns allows carpet manufacturers a wide choice on colors, design and patterns.
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