BCF Yarn - Polyester


BCF Yarn- Polyester (PET)

Polyester BCF yarn stands for Bulk Continuous Filament which is one long continuous strand of filament produced through specialized extrusion process using Polyethylene Terephthalate polymer is called Polyester BCF Yarn.

Advantage of Polyester (PET) Carpets :

  1. Soft to touch, luxurious look
  2. PET produces stronger filaments
  3. Durable
  4. Capability to hold vibrant and fade resistant colors.
  5. Moth proof and high resistance to water/mildews
  6. Easy to clean
  7. Good for normal traffic areas.
  8. Economical option

Though polyester carpets are prone to oil stains and crimp loss (Flattening occurs upon weight) but its widely preferred in Residential and commercial applications.

Applications of PET BCF yarn in various types of carpet construction:

  1. Loop pile
  2. Cut pile 
  3. Cut & Loop pile

PET BCF Yarn applications in floor covering industry:

  1. Wall to wall Carpets
  2. Rugs
  3. Mats, Runners & Stair carpet
  4. Prayer Carpets
  5. Automotive Mats and upholstery
  6. Fibers for Underlays and non-woven flooring
  7. Carpet Tiles

Other applications of PET BCF Yarn :

  1. Ropes
  2. Furniture
  3. Flexible Slings

Polyester Carpet Qualities

There are mainly three types of yarn qualities in PET BCF yarn :

  1. PET BCF Yarn
  2. PET BCF Straight Heat Set Yarn
  3. PET BCF Frieze Heat Set Yarn

Yarn Testing & Quality procedure

Westex ensures quality checks at each level of production and delivery and carry out following quality checks in carpet yarn manufacturing :

  1. Yarn count verification
  2. Elongation / Tenacity properties
  3. Anti-Static test
  4. Shrinkage & Crimping properties
  5. Color matching
  6. Loop & Cut Side checking
  7. Lace (Interlacing nips) Count verification
  8. TPI (Twist per inch) check
  9. Twisted Yarn count verification.

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