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PBT BCF Yarn- New carpet yarn material
15th May 2018

WESTEX has succesfully conducted trials with PBT yarn grade polymer to produce BCF, BCF Heatset Straight & Friese yarn for Carpet & Rugs industry. In coming days, Westex R&D department always strive to develop new qualities in various polymers suitable for manufacturing of Tufted and Woven carpets.

Upon adding this new carpet yarn material, the CEO, Mr Abdullatif Al Abdullatif congratulated the team and said "Our R&D team has been always extra creative and aggressive in developing new products. With this trial and our 35+ years of experience in BCF yarn extrusion, today we are in position to capture PBT BCF carpet yarn market along with PP & Polyester yarns. This yarn range will help customers who are looking for washable carpets/rugs because of its low water absorbtion & higher color absorption capability."

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