Polyester (PET) BCF Yarn

Product Code : PYBCF



The BCF yarn made with PET polymer is called PET BCF Yarn. The yarn is induced with strength, bulkiness and interlacing post the extrusion process for making it suitable for tufting and weaving of carpets.

PET BCF Yarn process

Polymer granules and required master batch are fed into specially designed extruder. The mixture in extruder is melted and the molten polymer is passed through spinneret holes and cooled to form a filament. Thereafter, these filaments are clubbed, spin finish oil is applied, passed over heated godets with drawing process and then fed to texturizing unit for inducing bulk properties. Then, it is passed though cooling drum and is passed through tangling jets for inserting nips which binds the filament and helps in unwinding the yarn in the next process. Finally, yarn is winded on tubes/bobbin and palletized. 

Product Range

PET BCF yarn are available in Dtex ranging from 900 to 2200 in Dope Dyed, Raw white & Mono-color with finishes such as UV treated, Anti-bacterial. Color fastness, Anti gas fading in Natural luster & Normal/Soft/Super soft feel.

Advantage Westex for PET BCF Yarn

Westex PET BCF yarn facility is spread over 12000 sq-m area supported with 39 dedicated BCF extrusion lines with capacity of 135 MT/day.

Its R&D team works round the clock to develop new product range as well as new colors as per the requirement of the customer.

For more details on PET BCF Yarn, Specification, Catalog and Samples, please contact Westex Sales Dept by email or call.

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