Polyester Frieze Heat Set Yarn

Product Code : PYFR


PET BCF Frieze Heat set yarn

Polyester Frieze Yarn is produced through heat setting process by feeding twisted yarn to specialized thermosetting process ( Frieze box) to induce thermos-mechanical deformation which is also called crimp.

Production Process

To produce Freize yarn, the PET BCF Yarn yarn is twisted/cabled on cabling machine then Twisted/cabled bobbins are taken on creel of heat set machine. Thereafter, the yarn is then fed into stuffer box. Specific temperature, pressure and steam is applied here and the yarn gets mechanical deformation and crimp is induced. Then it is laid on a belt which is passed through a tunnel having specific temperature and steam again in order to have curling effect into the yarn permanently.

Frieze treatment helps to increase crimp contraction, linear density and lessen the shrinkage of yarn which enables yarn to retain higher volume and extend resistance to wrinkling. The twist is induced so tightly that the frieze yarn begin to curl back itself once released back.

Frieze advantage

Carpets made from frieze yarns have attractive light reflection and soft feel.

With technology advancement in carpet manufacturing, the area rugs produced from Frieze HS yarn are durable and can be weaved in different construction to meet cozy and comfy requirements. Frieze carpets are Soft, good at hiding seams, vaccum and footprints thus preferable for high traffic areas though prone dirt however not very difficult to clean.

Product range :

Westex, PET Straight Heat set yarn are available in Dtex ranging from 900-4400 in Doped Dye, Raw white & Mono-color with finishes such as UV treated, Anti-bacterial, Color-fastness, Anti-gas fading in semi-dull luster. It is available in Normal & Soft feel. Please refer to Westex BCF product range for more option on filaments & colors availability.

Capacity :

Westex Frieze heat set processing capacity is 40MT per day and spread over 10000 Sq-m area equipped with state of art heat setting & Frieze machineries from Europe.

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