PP Straight Heat Set Yarn

Product Code : PPHSS


PP BCF Straight Heat Set Yarn

The heat setting is a thermosetting process which brings dimensional stability, volumetric growth (bulkiness), softness, resistance to wrinkles and temperature to the yarn.This reprocessing of PP BCF Yarn to heat setting is called PP BCF Straight Heat Set yarn.

Production Process:

To produce Straight Heat set Yarn, the PP BCF yarn is twisted/cabled on cabling machine. Twisted/Cabled bobbins are taken on creel of heat set machine. It is coiled and laid on a belt and passed through a tunnel for a specified time. Specific temperature and steam is applied into the tunnel, so that the twist in the yarn gets fixed permanently and the yarn becomes Straight Heat Set. The yarn is winded on paper tubes and bobbins are produced with specific length and weight as per requirement of customer. 

The two types of Heat setting machines at Westex’s are Sussen power heat set & Superba.

Advantage of Heat setting :

Apart from inducing bulkiness & softness, the heat setting of yarn eliminates undesirable torqueing of yarn in subsequent processes of yarn and carpet production.

Product range:

Westex, PP Straight Heat set yarn are available in Dtex ranging from 1000-11200 in Doped Dye, Raw white, Mono-color, tricolor with finishes such as UV treated, Anti-bacterial, Color-fastness, Anti-gas fading in Natural luster. It is available in Normal, Soft and Super soft feel. Please refer to Westex BCF product range for more option on filaments & colors availability.

PP BCF straight heat Set yarn can be used in carpet construction such as Cut-pile, Shag / Shaggy etc. in Tufted and Woven carpet segment.

Capacity :

Westex Straight heat set processing capacity is 40MT per day and spread over 10000 Sq-m area equipped with state of art heat setting machines from Europe.


It is a very popular product globally and used by many leading carpet brands worldwide. Westex export PP BCF Straight Heat Set yarn to more than 20 countries globally.

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